The Story Behind This Site

(1998) Hi There! By now, most of you know, I am Rick Pitts. I am the creator and programmer of this website. This is a little insight to behind the scenes here. My father is Bob Pitts. He was the Bn. Photographer, and an electrician in the 150th. He would go to the reunions, and for the last 5 or so years, prior to 1998, he had passed out information about the 150th he would get a hold of. Sometimes it was stories, once it was the daily history, and once the unit commendations. He always enjoyed getting this information together and passing it out to everyone.
In the beginning of 1997, I was trying to figure out what would be a good birthday gift for him. His birthday being in March, it gave me a little time. What do you give the man who has almost everything he wants or needs? Seeing he got plenty of enjoyment out of doing things for the men of the 150th, I created an email address and website address for his birthday. The original plan was to only put on the site whatever he had passed out at the reunions, and each year to add whatever he had given out that year. Well guess what?? It did not happen that way at all! This site has replaced the passing out of folders each year. Also with the help of many of the men and their families, this website has grown far beyond my wildest dreams!
In May of 1998 I was invited down to the reunion of the men of the 150th. While there I had 2 computers setup and hooked to the internet. I got to meet many of the men and their wives. It was a very entertaining and educational time for me.
Now, thanks to everyone, this site is becoming one of the best World War II unit sites on the internet. We are growing all the time, and constantly adding to it.
I have had some help along the way. A good friend of mine of 20+ years, Linda McMahon, has done the typing of things like the after action reports, some of the daily history, and other things like that we could not scan in. She has also been assisted some by her 13 year old daughter Jen. Another good friend, a Vietnam Veteran, and firefighter, Sarge (Bob) Hultgren has helped me do some of the scanning. Of course, there is my father, who has gone over everything to make sure it is correct, as well as doing a bunch of proofreading, and whose inspiration is behind the whole thing. I have been the person who's done all the programming, and layout of the pages. With all this said, there is still one very big helper left to thank.... that is my 4 year old son Robert. With all his patience while daddy does "1 more page for granddad". I am a single parent with custody of my son, so that is why he is even a bigger help.
For those who are wondering, I am 38 years young, and a full time, stay at home parent. I believe that one parent should always be at home to raise the children, whenever possible. I believe that is even more important than getting that newer car, or nicer home, and especially when there is only one parent.
So now that I have rambled on, I am leaving you with a picture.

This is at the 52nd reunion,
(Left to Right)
Myself, Sarge, and my Dad, Bob Pitts.

Picture of Myself, Sarge, and Bob Pitts

UPDATE 2003 - Things have changed quite a bit since the above. My son has gown a lot, and is now in 4th grade. I have a very successful computer repair business, and for the first time in a couple years I am back to work on the website. Oh yea, my hair and beard are much shorter now too. Oh yea, Jen is now in the Air Force too.

UPDATE 2021 - As always things have changed QUITE a bit in the last 18 years! I spent 20 years in the IT business and dabbling in real estate. I have since retired and moved from New Hampshire to West Virginia. I have been happily married for the last 13 years. My friend Sarge passed away a few years ago, and my dad passed away Nov 2020 of Covid. He was 97. My son Robert is now married and self employed like his dad! Lastly, my beard is shorter, and hair is a little lighter now! (and long again).

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