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List of Reunions 1947 - Present
1948 Newsletter 1949 Newsletter & Flyer
1950 Newsletter & Postcards
May 1956 Newsletter
Fall 1987 Newsletter Fall 1988 Newsletter
Spring 1989 Newsletter Fall 1993 Newsletter
After the 50th, the 150th Continues Fall 1994 Newsletter
Spring 1995 Newsletter Fall 1995 Newsletter
Spring 1996 Newsletter Fall 1996 Newsletter
Spring 1997 Newsletter Fall 1997 Newsletter
Spring 1998 Newsletter June 1998 Newsletter
Fall 1998 Newsletter Spring 1999 Newsletter




Past Reunion Portraits
1947 -- The First Reunion
1948 -- The Second Reunion
1949 -- The Third Reunion
1952 -- The Sixth Reunion
1953 -- The Seventh Reunion
1957 -- The Eleventh Reunion
1958 -- The Twelfth Reunion
1959 -- The Thirteenth Committee
1962 -- The Sixteenth Reunion
1966 -- The Twentieth Reunion
1971 -- The Twenty-Fifth Reunion
2000 -- The Fifty-Fourth Reunion

Reunion Pictures
Pictures from the Early Days
3 Pictures from the 80's
52nd Reunion (1998) Ceremony & Pictures
My Dad Receiving a Plaque
53rd Reunion (1999) Ceremony & Pictures
The 53rd Dinner, Awards & Group Photo of the Men
The Hit of the Dance Floor & Me Working on Scanning in Pictures at the 53rd
54th Reunion (2000) Ceremony & Pictures
54th Reunion (2000) Diner & Again the Hit of the Dance Floor!

Articles on the Reunions
Combat Engineers Discuss War Days (18th)
Battalion's 22nd Reunion Held
Manchester Union Leader Article 1984
Decades Don't Dim War Friendships (47th)
Story published in the Cape Cod Times 5/13/1993
150th Engineer Battalion Launches WWII
Reunions Here (50th)

One of the Original Membership Cards

Picture from early Reunion
Ray Chandler, the first elected president of the association on left.

One of the original prayers from the reunions
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May we take a moment here, to thank God, for our being together once again, to enjoy old friendships, built as comrades-in arms. Let us make the most of this short week-end together.

It is also fitting for us to remember at this moment those of our comrades who fell mortally wounded in the great battles for our Country. We shall not forget that they made the greatest of all sacrifices, their lives for their Country.

We should also think of those survivors who have since been called to their Creator.

May we dedicate the remainder of our lives to support the Principles of "FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" for which we and our Comrades fought and died.


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